How long does it take The Dumb Waiters to set up?

From arrival at the venue, unloading to fully sound checked it takes The Dumb Waiters approx. 50 minutes. At weddings we can set up in between the wedding breakfast and the evening starting we can normally be set up by the same time as the venue have rearranged the room.

How much space do we require?

We require a minimum of  4 x 3 metres. (but the more space the better)

Why a band and not just a DJ?

Simple answer have both, The Dumb Waiters resident DJ will ensure you get the best of both worlds. This will ensure that you get the great visual experience of a live band and still ensure we can cater for all musical tastes young and old.  The Dumb Waiters Band and DJ package ensures even while the band are on a break the party will keep going. Contact us to get a quote you will be surprised, we are very competitive.

What music will the DJ play?

Mark has been our DJ for ten years and only works with The Dumb Waiters he is an excellent DJ and has great ability to judge the best music for the audience at the function whether it be young or old  or a mixture. Also you can e mail us lists prior to the function to inform us of your favourite songs or particular requests.

What is the split between Band and DJ?

This does vary at every function but the band will play a 65 minute first set followed by the first DJ set. The Dumb Waiters will then play their second set which is about 75 minutes followed by a second set of DJ. The band will come back and play the slow songs at the end of the evening (or fast ones if everyone still wants to dance!). The DJ sets timing is the area we change and try and keep the band sets the same at most functions.

How do I book The Dumb Waiters?

If you wish to proceed with booking all we need is basic contact details which will enter onto our contract and post to you, All we require is a £50 deposit cheque. All relevant details of the function can be entered onto this contract to ensure that the evening runs smoothly.

Does the band have public liability insurance?

As most venues are now requesting public liability insurance we have insurance up to the value of £10 million. We will send a copy of the insurance certificate through with the contract for you to pass to your venue.

Is there lots of speakers because there is a Band and a DJ?

No the band and the DJ use the same amplifiers and speakers.

What about lighting?

The Dumb Waiters have a full stage lighting rig and disco lights which will give a great atmosphere at any venue.

Are you really loud?

No, we will set the sound according to the size of the room and the audience requirements, we will check the sound levels at the sound check but also during the first set and in the first break to ensure that the client is happy.

What are the power requirements?

We just require two 13 amp power points. Please do inform us if the venue has a noise limiter system these can cause damage to our amplifiers.

Any other special requirements?

We do like somewhere to get changed if possible especially for the girls, the boys can get changed in the van!