She loves singing and performing and conveys this to the audience, be it Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse or The Killers. She has sung in Gospel choirs and has a wealth of musical experience. (She will tell you she is the youngest in the band and she makes wicked garlic bread!)

Provides vocals and saxophone and has been with the band for ten years, she is passionate about delivering the best vocal every time she sings. Though always professional Mel has a wicked sense of humour. (Mel is the joker in the pack and knows a thing or two about wind instruments!!)


Mark is our DJ and also looks after the sound & light whilst the band are playing. He loves a kebab or two and knows every line of Im in the mood for dancing! (He has a phobia of tomatoes but will still have ketchup on his kebabs!)


The guitarist & host for The Dumb Waiters since forming the band with Andy over 12 years ago. Alex is the technical geek in the band and loves his gadgets especially his I phone apps. Give him an instruction manual and you wont see him for two weeks! (And he cannot stop buying guitars!)

Andy loves his music & has been in bands since his early teens, he is an energetic & versatile performer. He started his early musical career as a drummer but has since moved to keyboards and lead vocals. (Andy memorizes the football scores every Saturday but still cannot remember the first line from Mustang Sally!)